A note from the band.

BASTINADO is our debut long player, released in July 2000. It was recorded and mixed in a small studio called Sun in the centre of Dublin, Ireland, over the course of about 7 days and nights in the Summer of 1999. It barely happened at all.

Mushroom gave us a few quid to make a six track mini-album. Maybe we thought we'd never get another chance at a full album, but whatever we were thinking, we had enough songs so we just recorded them any way we could.

Most days started with a drive around Dublin bumming various bits and pieces of equipment. We were a bit of a shambles. Darragh had had a load of gear stolen the day before we started. Mick's (borrowed) bass wouldn't stay in tune. If Battle was doing vocals for one song, we were out on a motorbike scabbing a guitar for the next. We also had to contend with work. Darragh would arrive in the studio occasionally in a shirt and tie, do a song, then head straight off again without ever hearing what we were up to.

Our good friend Ronan McHugh produced the album. Always calm and resourceful, I'm sure even he wondered if we could pull it together at times. I think Ronan worked for 26 hours straight the last day.

The title 'Bastinado' refers to some sort of Mexican torture where the soles of the feet are caned. It's just a lyric plucked from a song because it sounded good, and isn't meant as any sort of statement about anything.

There's no point in trying to explain the songs here either. We hope people will just take what they want from them. We don't care if you belly-dance on your kitchen table or bury yourself in your bedroom for two weeks. We're not out to change the world, but if you relate to the stuff in some way, then that's good.