Touring thoughts from Cormac from the European dates with Reel Big Fish.

27th August, Cologne
Arrive in Cologne somewhat bewildered after a long drive. The gig is in the middle of nowhere. We do a TV thing wearing ear pieces so he asks the questions in German and we reply in English, thus it looks like we can understand the language... bizarre. The gig is fab, lots of teutonic bouncing... followed by much debauchery on the 16 hour drive to Austria.

28th August, Austria - Two Days A Week festival
This place is like a scene from The Sound Of Music or Hansel And Gretal. There are a lot of dodgy bands playing, who for now will remain nameless. We have a strange but good show... there are ten year olds smoking and drinking here listening to heavy metal... it can't be good for you.

29th August, Berlin
After another monster drive we get to what was East Berlin... I spend about three hours trying to organise a phonecard and a phone in 38 degree heat. Gig is top, there are lots of American exchange students here... saw the Brandenburgh Gate... what cultured souls we are.

31st August, Munich
The gig is in a place where there are 40 or 50 nightclubs on what looks like an industrial waste land... I guess it contains all the drunks in one area. We remain here for three days. The gig takes a while to engage the crowd, but we triumph in the end. We also spent some time in the city centre and get trapped by the usual tourist attractions.

2nd September, Zurich
Our bus driver hasn't talked to us in three days but that's another story. This place is very expensive but very clean, of course. This is the best gig of the Tour - the Swiss go nuts and our status as rock gods is reinstated.

3rd September, Stuttgart
Last gig in Europe. The gig is in a network of tunnels that was used by the German army in WW2. I have now been living on cheese rolls for 10 days. Tonights show is great followed by some booze and cheese rolls.

Off to England for some more gigs blah blah blah.

C Battle